The 2015 midwest ecology and evolution conference will be held March 28 & 29 at Indiana university. 

VIsit their website: meec2015.wordpress.com


On behalf of everyone involved with MEEC 2014 here at the University of Dayton, we’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to every person who made this conference possible.  Though Rachel and I did a lot of work, it literally “takes a village” to pull off an event like this.  So we’d like to thank the following members of our “MEEC 2014 village”…
– Our fleet of amazing undergraduate, graduate student, and faculty/staff volunteers
– Dr. Ryan McEwan, Dr. Jayne Robinson, Dr. Paul Vanderburgh, Diane Helmick, the University of Dayton Department of Biology, and the University of Dayton Graduate School for supporting us in this huge endeavor
– Dr. Tom Williams for helping us identify and invite those in the evolutionary biology field
– Dr. Albert Burky for his enthusiastic support
– Dr. Armin Moczek and Dr. Ryan McEwan for delivering phenomenal talks
– Grace Willkomm (a McEwan Lab undergrad) for designing our crazy awesome logo
– Jim Shaw and his staff at River Campus for providing us with a great space
– The UD catering staff for keeping us fed and caffeinated
– Brian and Nicole from UDit for fulfilling all of our technology needs
– Tommy Kettlehake and the staff at the UD Printing Services for printing and binding our beautiful conference programs
– The fantastic people of the Dayton Marriott (especially Tina Honeycutt and Jacquelin Herron) who went out of their way to take care of our guests
– Christie Henry of University of Chicago Press, Ben Roberts of Roberts & Co. Publishers, and Marie Scavotto of Sinaur Press for donating all the textbooks for the book raffle
– Diane Davis for printing our MEEC t-shirts
– Patrick Kelly and his crew from MEEC 2013 at Notre Dame for financial and planning assistance
– The managers of the fine establishments visited during the MEEC bar crawl for being more than welcoming and providing us with drink specials

And, most importantly, every single one of our attendees.  Without you, MEEC would not exist, so we thank you for sharing your research and time with us.  A special thanks to the plethora of lab advisors who brought their entire labs with them to MEEC.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us, and we’re looking forward to MEEC 2015!

Best wishes,
Jessica Davis & Rachel McNeish
Co-chairs, MEEC 2014

Welcome to the webpage for the 2014 Midwest Ecology & Evolution Conference (MEEC), hosted by the University of Dayton!

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